Climate consulting - Green energy equipment

Design and implementation of complex projects is our passion. A greener world is our mission.

State-of-the-art equipment & green energy solutions

A pool of leading manufacturers and their experience of implementing complex projects around the world ensure first class solutions for our clients.

An exclusive team of sustainability experts & climate scientists

We embrace our client’s needs and ambitions to promote state-of-the-art climate solutions in a constantly changing environment.


Equipment & Consulting

Electromobility, renewable energy, storage systems! Our expertise and inspiration makes each implementation a challenge, a step to a smarter, more efficient and greener future.

Green energy equipment

Climate friendly transformations towards a solid green future. We put together our individual’s expertise to provide our clients with consulting services that fulfill their needs and exceed their expectations!

Climate consulting services


Green Energy Equipment

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Climergia is proud to be part of the ambitious effort to transform the power production in Greece if it is to check the climate change challenges.

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EV Chargers

Electromobility is the essential transformation of the way we commute towards a greener future.

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Storage Systems

Extended implementation of renewable energy projects requires energy storage facilities for the stability of the grid.


Consulting Services

Do well while doing good. Benefit from applicable innovations that improve sustainability and reduce costs.


REIDDL Technologies

It is our core belief that the necessary green transition relies heavily on digital tools and infrastructure. That’s why we have our digital partners – REIDDL technologies – for the design, maturation and implementation of digital solutions for our clients. REIDDL technologies consists of a network of experts ready to comprise the team our clients need.

Data management, IoT & Industry 4.0, Data Center and ICT Consulting services are among Reiddl’s areas of expertise. 

Interreg VA of Greece - Bulgaria

Greece and Bulgaria, two neighboring countries with a rich past, since the end of the 1990s have entered an era of closer co-operation, due to the INTERREG Programme “Greece-Bulgaria”. The main idea behind “INTERREG” is that countries have issues which can be better solved if they work together with their neighbors than if each one remains confined within its borders. So for this reason, in our Programme we promote activities that bring our people closer.



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