Technical Advisor for grid connections & Electromechanical Equipment

Technical Advisor for grid connections & electromechanical equipment

Climergia provides in-depth consulting services centered around the cost analysis of substations, high voltage centers, and specialized electromechanical equipment. Our expertise is tailored to help clients make informed financial and operational decisions in these critical areas:

Our team of expert consultants combines technical knowledge with strategic financial insights, offering customized solutions that not only meet the technical requirements of your projects but also optimize your financial investment and operational efficiency.


In addition, Climergia offers comprehensive customs clearance consulting solutions for the import/export of RES equipment.


Recognized as a trusted partner, Climergia is dedicated to guiding, advising, monitoring, and confirming the seamless execution of all customs clearance actions.

Clients choose Climergia
for several reasons:

Expert Guidance

Climergia boasts a team of professionals providing expert guidance tailored to each client's specific requirements. Whether experienced importers or newcomers, clients can confidently navigate customs procedures.

Strategic Advice

Navigating intricate customs processes and regulations is simplified with Climergia. Clients receive strategic advice to optimize their clearance strategy, minimize delays, and enhance overall efficiency.

Proactive Monitoring

Understanding the importance of timely and accurate customs clearance, Climergia proactively monitors each step of the process. This ensures compliance with regulations and swift resolution of any potential issues.

Execution Confirmation

Climergia is committed to confirming the flawless execution of customs clearance actions. Clients benefit from transparency and accountability, staying informed at every step of the process.


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