Sustainability is the way to be.

Economic activities impact environment, people and society. Therefore, companies must take measures to maximize positive impacts and minimize negative effects springing from their operations. This is vital in order to continue functioning in an environmentally friendly way, supporting communities and still being profitable. Business plans need to take into account the risks posing climate change to economy, society and planet. 

International initiatives against climate change (Paris Agreement), along with the European regulatory framework and national policies (European Green Deal, Fit for 55 and National Climate Law) make Sustainability Strategy the new business model. Group and Companies must prioritize: 


  • Rational use of natural resources, reduction of carbon footprint, antipollution policies and waste management, energy efficiency and biodiversity conservation.
  • Social responsibility, community relations, product safety and quality, customer privacy, fair labor practices throughout the supply chain, and diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) initiatives.
  • Transparency, accountability, and integrity in decision-making, diversity and independence among board members and adherence to ethical and legal standards.


All kind of business will have to meet sustainability requirements either under the so called CSRD, Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive, if they are big or through the financial sector and especially banks since all financing institutions are obliged to monitor the ESG performance of their clients and subsequently will demand from businesses (including SMEs) sustainability assessment.


Sustainability Strategy and Action Plan

In our complex world, we assist our clients to respond with a structured manner to the challenges the era of sustainability poses to companies. Climergia provides a wide spectrum of consultancies based on the client’s needs. Our services respond to all three letters of ESG (Environment, Social and Governance) and are: 

Services regarding the environmental aspect of ESG

Services regarding the social aspect of ESG:

Services regarding the government aspect of ESG:

What differentiates us? We provide holistic answers to complex ESG problems and we understand that there is no solution fitting all clients. Our corporate approach is “from A to Z” – we provide vertically integrated solutions:

Design of sustainability strategies 

Implementation of sustainability Action Plans and Road Maps

Infrastructure solutions via installing green energy equipment (please see here

We offer separate modules of consulting services based on the client’s needs. Different paths lead to sustainability. Soft actions and quick win-win situations are the start and then the level of detail depends on the climatic ambition and the sector the company belongs to. We consider training essential within this ESG corporate transformation. 

For each letter of ESG, we construct Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to be monitored based on our deep expertise in all sector of economy. Our clients benefit from the sustainability journey due to the deeper understanding of their business model and the opportunity to apply innovations that improve sustainability and reduce costs!

of sustainability action plan

We support our clients to put in motion green transition process and achieve sustainable goals, through the implementation of concrete actions:


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